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*Establishes new thought processes to help shift issues and challenges quickly and easily. 


*Develops coping strategies and tools for a healthier mindset and lifestyle.

*Creates a paradigm shift that gives a new vision of life. 

*Provides practical, applicable and action-oriented steps for success. 


*Promotes balance in the body and dissipiates the negative effects of stress.


*Enhances general health through a light and gentle technique resulting in profound effects on the whole system. 

*Customized to specific needs which allow body, mind and spirit to release energetic blockages from within. 

*Provides relaxation, a feeling of nourishment and peace.

Feng Shui

*Creating positive energy flow in your home or office.

*Placement of personal and specialty items to bring comfort, joy and ease.

*Showcasing the natural beauty of the occupants of the home with complimentary furnishings, art and accessories.

*This is a proprietary and personal service perfected from 30+ years' experience and practice. 



*Establishing a personalized system of strategies based on individual needs, current professional practitioners, family dynamics and other factors.

*Environmental situations, health issues, nutritional analyses, medications and other aspects taken into consideration. 

*A complete mind-body-spirit approach created especially for each individual.

I design wellness programs resulting in:

· Belief & acceptance that change is possible.

· Inspiration to make different choices.

· Motivation for significant life changes.

· Hope when everything feels hopeless.

· Permission to walk away from toxic people,
  relationships & situations.

· Courage for a new start or a new beginning.



*Creating a memorable experience on location (home, office, hotel, patio, park, etc).  


*Food and beverage set up including serving pieces, flatware, china, crystal, linens and other items needed.

*Complete ambiance, atmosphere and unforgettable experience produced for any occasion or to celebrate just living!


*Special requests welcome. 


*Customized, personalized and created especially for your group's enjoyment. 

*Sample retreats include:

- Work-Life Balance

- Ma'at Ra Heart Healing Experience

- Finding Happiness

- Engaging Your Senses 

- Post-Retirement Living

- Chakras, Reiki & Energy

- All About Crystals

*Local and travel retreats are available.

*Retreats can be a short length (2-3 hours) or 2-3 days per group's requests.